Christmas Kids Craft: Paper Plate Reindeer


Yesterday I shared my idea for a Paper Plate Angel. Today, I’m sharing a Paper Plate Reindeer, which also incorporates a paper plate and handprints. It takes just a few minutes to make and is a great holiday project for a preschool classroom or your little homeschooler. Paper Plate Reindeer



  • a white paper plate
  • scraps of construction paper
  • glue
  • markers, crayons, or paints




  1. Color a paper plate brown. This will be the background color for your reindeer’s face.  Paper Plate Reindeer part 1
  2. Next, fold both sides of the paper plate up, and color the folded portion a different shade of brown. Paper Plate Reindeer step 2
  3. Glue eyes and a nose to your reindeer. You can use wiggly eyes, but I liked the appearance of large paper eyes. A fun idea may be to assign one child in a class to make Rudolph while the other children make regular reindeer.  Paper Plate Reindeer part 3
  4. Trace handprints out of construction paper (we used beige), cut them out, and glue to the top of the head as antlers. Your reindeer is now complete! Paper Plate Reindeer step 4



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